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In Brunswick, community means friendly neighborhoods and markets; inspiring art and culture in world-class venues; unique shopping and great food; healthy outdoor activities in a beautiful environment; a diversity of churches and denominations; and learning opportunities that never end. Whether raising a family or looking for a place to spend an active retirement with others from all walks of life—or anything in between—Brunswick offers a place to experience a rewarding and happy life.  Downtown Brunswick’s distinctive broad Maine Street combines village flavor and city flair. Dotted with specialty shops, open spaces, and restaurants to satisfy every mood and palate, Brunswick’s pedestrian-friendly downtown attracts shoppers, sightseers, and foodies alike.

Bowdoin and Brunswick are thoroughly interwoven. A cinema, music store, farmer's market and dozens of restaurants and boutiques are a five minute walk from campus.  Community members attend Bowdoin performances, cheer for Bowdoin teams, and host students in their homes. However, Brunswick isn't just a "college town."  As a gateway to many of Maine's more beautiful coastal locations and a summertime host to the Maine State Music Theatre and the Bowdoin International Music Festival, Brunswick is also home to a thriving arts community and a healthy tourism industry.

“There is a most busy and important round of eating, drinking, dressing, walking, visiting, buying, selling, talking, reading, and all that makes up what is commonly called living…”
— These words from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe when she lived in Brunswick in the 1850s, apply as aptly to the whirl of activities in the town today. The charm of Brunswick comes from many elements—a history of wealthy shipbuilders and manufacturers, a prestigous college, an active main street, and a dynamic natural landscape—that converge to create its vibrant liveability.